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 60 Minutes $75

 90 Minutes $110

 120 Minutes $145

Chronic Pain
Whether you are in chronic pain, preparing for surgery, post-surgery, or just trying to recover from an injury, a massage can decrease the healing time and amount of scar tissue. Massage works in the specific area of damage and surrounding areas to assist the body in the healing process. Getting an early start on the scar tissue will help it lay down properly, decreasing the loss in range of motion and muscle hypertension.

Trigger Point 
A trigger point is most commonly known as a “knot”. This massage pinpoints and uses direct pressure to get these trigger points to release. Due to the deep pressure used, a full hour is needed to work in one area instead of the full body.

Using the foot as a road map to the body, reflexology taps into different muscles, organs, and even nerves. This modality utilizes the body’s natural reflexes to affect a change in the area you want, just by applying specific touch to the feet.

Ancient Chinese tradition teaches that the body has pathways of energy called meridians. The different aliments that our bodies have are due to a blockage in these meridians. Acupressure is the practice of using energy through a simple touch to unblock the meridians and open the gateways, allowing the energy to flow to the entire body.

A great experience for the expectant mother, this massage is done using pillows and cushions for support. It’s the perfect way to relieve the extra pain and discomfort pregnancy can cause. Prenatal massage can allow expectant mothers to unwind and feel serene, healthy, and comforted during a period of added physical and emotional stress.

Specialty Massage


 60 Minutes $85

 90 Minutes $120

 120 Minutes $155

Deep Tissue
You choose the pressure with deep tissue massage.


Hot Stone
The use of Hot Stones to massage the body. The heat from the stones allow for a deeper relaxation in the muscles. (only available in 90 and 120 minute sessions)

Pain Management    

Our Pain Management sessions are designed to do a full body evaluation to find the root of your pain. Checking for muscle tightness, muscle imbalances and referral pain due to trigger points, we can help correct the causes for most chronic pain. This treatment is done in a series with the first session always beginning with a full body assessment and ending with an individualized home self-care plan.

Treatments for an Active Lifestyle
In a sports treatment program our plan is to help you reach your goals. Every first session starts with a full postural evaluation and ends with us together developing and going over an individualized home self-care plan. These sessions are specific to supporting your fitness needs and focusing on the body mechanics it takes to get you there. We will work on proper posture, muscle balances and consistent stretching.