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Suffering from Maskne?

Maskne is a type of acne produced from long hours of mask wearing.  Even the best and most cared for skin can suffer unless treated consistently with effective home care products and professional facial services. Tia's Esthetics offers natural and effective acne treatment for home use. Combined with professional facials you can have your skin looking and feeling healthy again. Acne Control Starts with Bion's Acne Control Kits. Choose a kit for Normal/Oily Skin or Dry/Sensitive Skin which ever type of skin you have. 

Bion's Acne Control Kits encourage you to follow the proven 3 step system to kill the bacteria, reduce sebum production and reduce inflammation. These convenient kits make it easy care for your skin at home. Proven effective in over 90% of cases.  Ask your Esthetician Tia how to get some for your home or travel bag.

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